Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fresh, New and Fierce!

Hey where ya been?
Ok, more like where have I been huh? Well, its been a very busy busy year, but I'm baaack with brand spanking new blog and a new perspective to keep you staring at your computer! Not to worry, for all those singletons or you hooked up ones who want to feel superior by reading what a bummer it is to be singe, this will still be about my love life (or lack there of ) but now you'll be in the loop with "Life According to Suzanne". I'll have some inspirational insights to share with you.  A little bit of this, more of that. You know, all the juicy girl stuff that make life fun. Fashion, the arts, cooking, long walks on the beach...wait, this isn't Plenty Of Fish, is it. Sorry, I always seem to go to default. Just gonna share with you opinions from my world. Ahh me, its been a year since I blogged, and am in serious need of a refresher course, so bare with me while I get my reacquaint myself with this spectacular world.

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