Friday, September 24, 2010

Since We Last Chatted in June...

I decided to go off starchy carbs and sugar for a while.  Yep, and as I write this I am having a major craving! I keep on going over to my fridge, looking in it for a few counts of 10, see nothing but freaking vegetables, shut it, sit down, and go back a half hour later to see if some chocolate cake appeared while I wasn't looking.  Nothing.  Man am I feeling rage full.  Started on Monday, and promised myself I would at least see the week out and begin another work out routine. Healthy, ripped body Suzanne! In just one week!  Haha!  I devoured Toronto and decided I need to pay for my epicurean recklessness.  Toronto is pasta central you know and, this actress has a pasta sign with a diagonal line across it.  But I did not bring it with me on my vacay and I am now feeling serious withdrawal people!!

Just for fun (or to give myself pain) lets travel back to a few weeks ago.  I am currently placing myself in a little piece of heaven off Queen Street called "Mitzi's Cafe" with my fabulous friend Katie and eating the naughtiest pancake ever!  "Cake" being the best descriptive word here!  Oh, my, my, my....

mitzi's Famous Pancake
Served with pure maple syrup & fresh whipped cream
Now, I had it like this, with mango, but the original comes like this description below:
Topped with apple snow, toasted almonds and an apple ring. Served with pure maple syrup & fresh whipped cream. $13.95 (also available wheat free)
(Apple snow??!  Fantastic, but alas, I'm allergic to apples and freaking nuts! ahh me)

But, I know I didn't miss a thing because as soon as I took my first delectable, hefty, carby, naughty bite, my eyes rolled back and my toes curled and it was me and my lover Mr. Pancake.  Real maple syrup (from CANADA!  hahaha) sweet and fragrant, tantilizing...oh God, why do I do this to myself.  Usually I go to bed dreaming of boys, guess what I'll be dreaming of tonight!  Sigh!  Ok, lets get down to non food shots:

Katie and me before the gastronomic debauchery..
I won't know what hit me!

Katie (acting like St. Peter) at the doors of Heaven.
She is the one who took me to this fabulous place.  
Katie thank you.....for making me hungry..

Think I'll go look in the fridge now.

Now, go get you some!

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  1. I know where I'm going next time I'm in Toronto!



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