Thursday, September 23, 2010

Since We Last Chatted in June...

I spent a ton of time lunching with my girls at the Vancouver Art Gallery!  I looove lunching there cause I feel so posh and Sex In The City.  The food is great, very girly, and the classical music is so relaxing.  Sunny, pretty, and delicious!  Great place to people watch too!  Fashion stalked this funky lady...and yes, I lost the info!  Hey, it was before I made my promise to you ;)

Black and white, easy colors, cool style!
You look great, girl who's name I forget!
What makes this look are the accessories.  Girl knows how to work em!

Layer the necklaces....

Funky Gladiator High Heals
I wish I could rock these, but lets face it, you gotta have a car!
They were not made for the walking I do!

Bag Works too!  Go on!

And yes, those lashes were real!  I asked her!  
So jealous!
You rock Blonde Girl!
(if your reading this give me the deets ok?)

You know, I actually did rock some shorts this summer.  I only wore them one day mind you, it was hard for me, but I did it!  I have some pictures somewhere, lets see, where are they....oh...heres.....who am I kidding you'll never see them, NEVER!  Muahahahhaha!

Now go get you some!  

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