Monday, September 20, 2010

Since We Last Chatted in June...

I've become OBSESSED with True Blood!  I rented the first two seasons and then a friend of mine downloaded this season (Season 3) and we watched all episodes riveted and amused until the season finale last week.   I don't get HBO so downloading is the only way I can watch.  I LOOOVE this show! Which is very strange ya'll cause I won't watch excessive violence in film and we all know there is a hefty sprinkling of that in the show.  I think its ok with me cause a) its about Vampires and well, they don't exist therefore zero comparison to real life and b) its a hilarious show!  I laugh my head off all the time.  Its so freaking clever and Jason well, he is hysterical!  Hahaha!  Having said that, the first time I rented it I watched like, 5 episodes in a row and went to bed feeling nauseous and shaken up.  Anyway,
I had been hearing about it for a couple of years now and was not that stoked on watching yet another vampire show, I mean, what's there left to be creative about? Seen it all know everything there is to know about these creatures of the night and well, BORING!  But not so with the altra clever Alan Ball (creator) who I would trample over my mother to work with.  Heh, heh, um, just kidding mum :D.  A couple of years ago my friends boyfriend said I looked like one of the characters in it.  Terrified I began to search and suspected the character in question looked like Whoppi Goldberg, but I was pleasantly surprised (nothing against Whoppi, but I look nothing like her.  And if someone was going to be compare me to a black actress than why couldn't I be compared Halle Berry or something!) when I found out he meant I looked like Rutina Wesley (Tara).  Now, lets be real, I look nothing like her either, but I would suspect its all about the hair and skin color thing since there isn't many black stars as dark as me or who rocks braids or dreads, so you know, they go to default.  But what really got me was a friend of mine saying not only do I look like her but I remind her of Tara.  Geez!  Please, you gotta be kidding.  Talk about a character with massive chip on her shoulder! I mean, I don't ever swear or use profanity out of the bedroom, how insulting!  When I questioned my friend further she said she meant the quality of  fierceness and protectiveness over her relationship with Sookie, so I took that as a positive and bounced happily away.

Here is a little amusing bit of trivia for you!  Did you know that Rutina wasn't origanally cast as Tara?  Nope, they shot the entire first episode with another actress named Brooke Kerr.  I tried to get more information on this poor actress but couldn't find much on why it was recast.   Man, I would be choked they recast me now that True Blood is so stinking huge.  Girlfriend could have become a star.  But lets face it, she just doesn't have the issues Rutina has. You know, angry black stereotype thing.  I even heard that Tara's character wasn't even black in the novels.  But regardless I can't picture anyone else with the overacting angst that is Tara!  Look for yourself.  This is so cool!

Verses This:

Um, yeah.  I'l take Ms. Rutina anytime.  Even if she is irritating me this season with her sad sack self.  Oh and here's a question for you... what is up with Sookie still being in love with boring Bill after she found out that  Tara was tied up and about to be abused and then turned vampire by that psycho vampire (HILARIOUS GUY) and Bill did NOTHING.  Didn't save her, didn't even bat a dead eyelash!  Man if my boyfriend didn't save one of my girlfriends from a fate worse then death, well I'd....I'd....I'd....well, I wouldn't be with him thats for sure! Definitely not future husband material!

Now, go get you some :)

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