Thursday, May 13, 2010

FASHION: "Americas Next Top Model" winner Krista White

Watched the finale of "Americas Next Top Model" last night.  Actually, watched the entire cycle and almost cried when my favorite ghetto girl Angelea got kicked off!  I so wanted that chick to win!  She was so determined but her confidence took a tumble when she started coming in second in her challenges.  I loved that girl!  

Here is an interesting perspective from twirlit.
What do you think of Krista's win?
Personally, every time I saw girlfriends collarbone sticking out during her interviews, I cringed....

America’s Next Top Model Winner 2010 – Did Krista Deserve to Win?

By Angela Ayles on May 13th, 2010

The 14th cycle of Tyra Banks’ hit show America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) came to an end last night when super-skinny contestant Krista White took home the coveted title.
Krista - who had tried out a few times before but never won - was up against some pretty tough competitors last night, including 23-year-old New Yorker Angelea, 22-year-old Raina from Minnesota and 21-year-old Texan Alexandra.
                   Krista America's Next Top Model     Angelea America's Next Top Model
While many fans of the show were thrilled to see the high-fashion model win gold, others were outraged that Tyra and the judges would choose someone so unhealthily skinny to act as a role model to other aspiring models. Isn’t that the exact message Tyra claims she doesn’t want to send to young women?
There wouldn’t be as much controversy surrounding the judge’s decision to cast Krista as winner, except that Tyra often preaches about how she hates that the modeling industry is full of stick-thin women who feel the need to starve themselves to look a certain way. Just because they chose a plus-size girl (Whitney – who happens to be the most successful of the previous ANTM winners) one time doesn’t mean they’re not still sending the wrong message. One plus-sized winner out of 14 cycles hardly seems balanced to us.  
Congratulations, Tyra, you proved once again that only the super-small models have what it takes to take home your prestigious title.
Personally, we would have picked Angelea to win – even though she couldn’t even secure the runner up position (Raina did).
Take a look at the two photos above and let us know if you think Krista is too skinny to be ANTM!

Now, go get you some!

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  1. I agree. Krista is far too skinny. It's disgusting. I'm a guy, I want to puke. I can't believe girls will do that to themselves for something as stupid as a modeling contract.
    She better take some lessons in grammar as well because she is going to fall flat on her face when her precious 100k contract is up in less than one year. She is the incompetent human I've ever seen, just short of the rain man.

    It really takes a lot to get me fired up but this crap being shown to poor girls like my sister or girlfriend is outrageous. Get a f*cking grip people!


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