Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Me and Maxwell Modeling in this Months InStyle Magazine!!!!!!!

You read it right!!!  Yes, I finally got my wish!!! Me and Maxwell together in InStyle!
Ok, well were not physically together, he is on page 366, but I AM ON PAGE 46!!! Which means of course that he has a copy of me in his apt, you know, cause he bought at least 10 copies of the he knows I exist and is probably searching for me right at this I digress... I'M FREAKING WELL FEATURED IN THIS MONTHS JUNE INSTYLE MAGAZINE!!! The one with Selma Hayek on the cover!!!!  Yahooooooo!!!!

Yep, its your girl!  Me!

Wait heres a closer look!

Hahaha! :)
(click on pic to get an even closer look:)

How did that happen you ask??  Well, I love InStyle Magazine and read it all the time. They featured a fabulous "Look For Less" that really appealed to me.  

You know I've been all about more color?!  This was their color issue that I told you about a couple months back that I got some great ideas from.  I had this great dress that I bought at H&M that was very summery and a bit saggy on the fit.  Although I adored the colors I wasn't sure it fit my body type.  But with the addition of the jacket it really worked!  So I gave it my spin and thanked InStyle for the inspiration!  I sent in my pic and didn't even know they were going to use it!!! And they did!  Ha!  I'm a top model ya'll:)  Tyra eat your heart out!!! 

Special shout out to Ann who gave me the heads up early.  She got the issue weeks before it came out here in Canada!  Love you Annabelle! Thanks InStyle, you made my month!!!

Maxwell, if your reading this, My name is Suzanne and I am an actor living  in Vancouver.  Please come and get me.

Now, go get you some!

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