Sunday, May 23, 2010

ON SET: Commercial for Jello Pudding

I did a commercial last week for Jello! I played a mum with the cutest 6 year old kid ever. She was a real trouper staying up so late. It was hard enough for me, can you imagine for her!!

I wore my - what I now refer to as "Michelle Obama" wig.   While putting it on I got it swiped away from me by the makeup/hairstyist Trudi Eggerton-Ball who showed me a zillion times better way of wearing it. I gotta tell you, this woman was a wig magicaian!!! Seriously! She did wonders with it. First she pinned my locs up elaborately so that most of my hair mass was on the top, giving me height on the crown. Why didn't I think of that???!!!!! Fanfreakingtastic!!! I love this woman!!!

Look at the back!


Side view! Genius!

Lord knows I'd never be able to do it myself :(
Here is a very noisy video I took with my point and shoot camera. Hope you can hear the conversation and questions I asked her to share with you.  It was crazy in that makeup trailer!

I of course gave her much pressure to do a wig tutorial for you all a little later! Watch for it. She's amazing and has a ton of tips for wearing a wig and making it look natural!

Now go get you some!

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  1. That was great I have locs also and thought about doing a curly weave cap but completely wrote off any straight hair looks, glad to see I can achieve some of those too every now and again.

  2. Glad you got something from it Anonymous! "Now and again" is the point there:) I have to admit, its FAR from comfortable. Really! You might have noticed from other pictures how long my hair is. I cringe every time I think of wearing a wig for any length of time and I had to wear that from 10:30pm to 8:00am! It was pretty excruciating! But as Beyonce says “I’m always in pain! My earrings are heavy, and my heels are hurting—they hurt all the time. But you know you have to sacrifice for beauty. You just get kind of numb after a while.” Haha! You said it B. Well, at least I don't have to do it for as long as she does. And trust me, I refuse to wear stilettos, even if they will help my thighs look less goddessy ;)


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