Friday, May 28, 2010

VIDEO: Shout out to Aaliyah! We miss you!!!

Man I miss Aaliyah! I was dancing around to Grooveshark (thanks for saving my musical life by the way Frannie!) and this song from the day came up.  "We Need A Resolution" Featuring Timberland.  I so loved this album.  I can't help but wonder what she would be creating by now and where her movie career would be.  She really hit it out of the park.  Sweet, sexy without trying to hard, funky cool dancer (who was the first, by the way,  to bring bellydancing to hiphop),  and just plain class.  This video was risky, very different musical flavour, fresh, and sizzling HAWT!  I wish I had me some snakes and a spiky tree in my living room!  Funny, this video was made in freaking 2001!  9 years ago and still hot and contemporary today!  A foward thinker.  Rocking hair, makeup, and styling.  Aww, I miss you girl!!


We Need a Resolution: Aaliyah

Think I'll do a Tutorial on this Look.  Freaking Fabulous!!

Now go get you some!

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  1. I miss her too. She was one in a million.


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