Thursday, October 14, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance Canada

These two are BEASTS!  They knocked it out!  Oh my God, this is so nasty I lOVE IT!!!

I don't know who choreographed this!  Anyone know???

SICK!  Wow!!!

Funny, I wore that outfit grocery shopping yesterday...

Now go get you some!


I've done a bit of research since I posted this and have found yet a new obsession to my list of exceptionally amazing men.  His name is LUTHER BROWN!  He is the master of the above piece! Yeah ya'll.  I've seen his choreography many times on SYTYCDC, (and might I add, have lost my mind at how hot it is) and have seen him as host on the show, but my love for this man has escalated (almost) past my Maxwell obsession!  SICK!! OH MAN IF I COULD GET DOWN LIKE THIS!  I'd walk down the street push men and dance all up in their thang! HA!  Yeah, thats right! I love how he empowers his women!  So close to the floor, such dirty strong attitude!  I LOVE IT!! His guys are dogs all the way, with no trace of fey!  The girls match the guys strength - no apologies, just freaking COOL pride!  Marry me Luther!!!  And teach me all your moves!  Enjoy this other video.  Just wait mid way through when girlfriend flips her hips to the raunchy beat!  HAWT!!! I almost stood upon my couch!!!!

Kim and Emanuel - You so bad Kim!  Be my best friend! :)


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