Friday, October 8, 2010

Since We Last Chatted in June...

I booked 2 Episodes of "Untold Stories Of the ER"! They are actual true stories that really happened.  No lie!  In the first episode called "Student Delivery", I play a Midwife, (Hey, its different from the usual Nurse:) who mistakenly thinks an Intern is actually an experienced Doctor and prepares him to deliver a baby.  Clearly "He no nutin' bout birthin no babies" and I have to take over.  Man you should have seen the fake baby, it looked so real all covered in blood and the usual birth like bits.  Ewww.  Hahaha!

In the second episode called "The Cursed Liver", I play a woman fresh off the boat from Africa (we later changed her to Jamaican) who thinks that she has a demon in her liver because she had been cursed by her village for moving away.  She believes she had to squeeze it out and perceeded to squeeze and contract her body continuously for 5 days in a row shutting down her kidneys and messing up her liver.  But she won't stop so they have to do an exorsism.  Can you believe it!  It was hard man!  Shaking and contracting all day.  I was worried about my own liver!  Not to mention I looked hideous!  When oh when will I get that sexy leading lady part doing a love scene with Denzel???  It was a blast though.  I loved it!  Especially the exorsism. I had to jerk and tremble and do the whole eye roll back thang.  Haha!  What a life.  Here are some pictures!  The crew was AMAZING!  The Directors were amazing, and the food rocked!!!

(you can click on the pics to get a better view)

These 4 are from Production and posted near my favorite place on set - Crafty (craft services - which means lots of bad food to you regular folk) The crew were so much fun !  Apparently someone posted a lost item on the wall one day and everyone thought it silly so they began to make their own and it just snnnowballed!  I love them!

This is me as Ms. Jackson (formally Marie Matawa - name changed because we changed her nationality from African to Jamaican.  You see, my Jamaican accent is less horrible than my African.  Sorry my Jamaican brethren! I only had a day to prepare :)  "Me have a demon in me leeva!"  Again, this was a true story. Yep, it actually did happen!
Creepy! I so don't like to see myself like this.  Gak!
Residents, trying to figure out my condition..

The Good Doctor Jordan Moskoff (played by Ryan Anderson)
Well, maybe he wasn't that good cause he looked at me like I was crazy
when I told him about my demon! 
Here I'm trying to give you a good view of the glycerin they used on my face
for sweat.  It looked great!  I actually was looking forward to having it put on.
Kinda sticky though, but very effective don't cha think?
"Help me Obeah Assistant!".  This is the fabulous Bethany who played
the "dancer" Witch doctor (Obeah man to those of you who know the term)
 assistant that helped with the Exorcism.
Doesn't she look fab.  She was right into it!

The Obeah Man (played by Glen McCormick)
Doesn't he look Authentic!  He was lovely!

etting ready for the Exorcism!

And yes, it was creepy.  My old Catholic sensibility had me whispering
a prayer.  (Heh, heh, um... yeah...just acting God).  The Director was wicked, he
gave a disclaimer before we began and talked about how all of the things
we were doing were not real rituals just made up stuff that will look real
good on film.  Geez, I have the craziest job in the world :) LOVE IT!

And now on to some more goodies!  Lunch!  :)

It was Mexican Day!  Check out the spread!!

Oh Gosh, my heart has stopped beating just looking at it!

I ended up with the BEST CORN SOUP I'VE EVER SIPPED, 
vegetable fajita lasagna thigy, salad and spanish rice. And I ate it alllllll!
Hey, jerking, contracting and shaking really burns the calories!

Watch for another next post where I can show you some great makeup tips from the fabulous makeup artists behind the scenes!  Ahh, I feel like such the glamours star!  Too bad I don't look like one in this episode!  HA!

Now go get you some!

(poor guy, what happened to his pee pee?)

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  1. "Awesome blog on your site! Loved the "LOST" posters so funny!"

  2. omg! congrats girl. I can't wait to watch you on TV and tell everyone the "inside stories" from your blog. ha!

  3. Thanks fellow fashion model and alumni from InStyle Magazine! Yeah, uh huh! Saw you in the mag this month! You looooook FANTASTIC girl! Lets have an InStyle get together ;)Hahha!


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