Friday, October 1, 2010

Since We Last Chatted in June...

I spent a lot of time at my favorite "Suzanne In The City" girly hang out.  The sunny and flirty  "Vancouver Art Gallery Patio".  I feel oooh so civilized sitting at those fancy tables listening to classical music,  bingeing on chocolate cake and waiting for a rendezvous with a dressed up girlfriend to gossip.  Delicious....

This is my fabulous star friend and gossip partner Jennifer Copping
If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be acting!  Love you Jenny!
(Can you believe, I got the deets!  Well, I know where she lives!  LOL)
Skirt: Where Else
Sweater: Winners
Shoes: Winners
Jennifer - A Winner!Hahahaha 
(ok, cheesy play on words ;)

Fabulous Jenny!

Lovely Jazz Trio this day. Sometimes the 
gallery has live music on the steps....Ahhh

Oh summer, when shall we be together again?  I miss you already!  :(  

Now go get you some!

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  1. Jenny can make anything look Fab!! I do love the Gallery patio.


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