Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Schools Production of Box Theatre! TODAY!! FANTASTIC!!

So yesterday I was the guest director for a fabulous group of little actors!  
Check this out, they are performing "Box Theatre"!  FABULOUS!  
They do an entire little performance in a box they have cut out on both ends and decorated to illustrate their story.  They are sitting on one end, you are covered up and sitting on the other!  So freaking GREAT!  Here is the invite info!

You are cordially invited for June 16th to attend the box theatre performances by Grandview and Queen Victoria students.  Each student has developed their own 1 minute play all within the confines of a cardboard box. The box is their stage complete with lights and music. Climb under the drape and enter into another world with the actor on one end of the box and yourself on the other. Keep an open mind and be ready for anything...
There are 12 box's in total... Here is just a taste..

BLACK ROSE, The Halloween Ghost...

THE AGE OF ROMANCE, Never Too Young To Date...

THE LEMONADE LOUNGE SINGER, The Brat Pack New York Style...

NANCY PICKPOCKET, A.K.A. Agent Klepto 321...

VANDER WOLF, Half Wolf, Half Human...

LITTLE BLACK RIDDING HOOD, She Isn't Afraid of no Wolf...

ROSALINA, The Back Alley Orphanage Rocker

Come to Grandview's ( 2055 Woodland, 1 block west of commercial on 4th) cafeteria at the following times to check out the shows:

Wednesday, June 16th @ 10:45am, or 1:30pm or 6:00pm

I know this post is a little late but for those of you Vangroovyites, its actually going on all day TODAY in one hour slots, so if you get the chance take your kids and check it out!  Sooo much fun!  Or go by yourself for a really entertaining day!

The creator/director, talent extraordinaire of this group is no other than Terry-Lynne Storey who is no stranger to the stage.  She has won raves for her own stage performance in the "Vancouver Fringe Festival" for "The Hope Slide" plus a zillion other productions.  Amazing actor and teacher! 

"Age of Romance - Never Too Young To Date"

I loved this little outgoing girl.  Talked non-stop, a girl after my own heart.  Hahaha!  I was telling this other little actor that everyone gets nervous, even big stars, so she's in good company.  This little girl piped up "You know what I do when I get nervous?  I picture my bath filled with rubber duckies!  I'm serious RUBBER DUCKIES EVERYWHERE!! Then I'm not nervous at all!"  Hahaha!  Isn't that precious!  I have a huge audition today... I'm so gonna try it! :)

Love you little girl, who's name I forgot!  :)

Now go get you some!

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