Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day Daddy - Vibert Phillip Bastien - Your Daughters Love You!!!

To the most beautiful man in my life.
I know your looking down at me from heaven.
I feel you today Daddy.
I always remember to always dress nice on the bus, cause who would anyone rather sit next too???
Oh and, I don't wear as much black as I used too :)

                                       Video (watch)

              "Father & Daughter" by Micheal Dudok de Wit
                    Winner of Best Animated Short.


  1. As usual, I was preparing the balloon that I always send up in your honor on your birthday and fathers day, when Jasmine asked me. "Are you going to write a message on this balloon, go on top of the hill and send it to Grandpa?" I told her yep. She said "so he can catch it and save it with the others?" I said, " I sure hope so." (of course tears were starting to fall)

    I love that kid!

    I decorated the balloon, went on top of the hill, spoke to dad and a perfect breeze came and took the balloon into high flight. I watched it go higher and higher into the sky, I decided to take a picture with the camera on my cell, when I looked back up with the phone, the balloon was completely gone.

    Nice catch dad.

    I love and miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh Deb! Thats so beautiful! Please send me the picture!!!!!!

  3. I didn't take the picture.....I forgot to.


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