Wednesday, March 24, 2010

For the Love of God!

I’m working in the middle of nowhere this week. Yes, nowhere. Right behind Gods back. Takes me FOREVER to get to here. When I get up in the morning I cringe thinking about the freaking trek, so inevitably I have to yell at myself after 10 minutes of staring up at the ceiling to “GET UP!" Those lost 10 minutes are crucial of course because I set my alarm to the last possible second needed to do my morning toilet. So as the time ticks on the production begins. I take my sweet time at first because I swear I have enough of it, but then Alex (my computer voice) tells me its 7:00, and begin my hysterical race. First of all I question him and run to the computer to make sure there is no mistake. There never is unfortunately. With a yelp I hop around in one boot, clip on my earring and glance at my matrix stream trail as I zap out the door with my leather backpack (filled with stuff I don’t need) digging into my shoulder. Running out the building to the bus with my backpack now sliding down my arm and cricking my freaking neck, I realize I didn’t have breakfast. My favorite freaking meal of the day.

So, today (bitter that I’m going to a job that’s not any fun, and in nose bleed central where there are no good places to..actually no places of all, to eat…actually… there is a place downstairs of the office building that sells sad lonely meals that were probably made in the 1960s, but heck, its better than nothing. Or is it?) I decided to get breakfast here.

So, I just snuck down and got what I laughingly refer to an egg and cheese toasted bagel. I laugh because in my gastronomic snobintry, eggs should not be “cooked” in a microwave, and I don’t believe I’ve ever partook in a processed cheese slice in my life. The lady did try though.  She gave me a multi-grain bagel, but it’s the first time I’ve ever seen a white multi-grain anything. Coming back to my reception desk, I shrug my shoulders at the fact that I’m smelling up the entire area and take my first terrifying bite. Guess what. IT WAS FANTASTIC!! NEVER TASTED A EGG AND CHEESE TOSTED BAGEL SO GOOD IN MY LIFE!! Who knew!! I want 5! Gonna get it every morning! How can something so bad, taste so freaking good. Made me so happy I cheerfully said hi happily to the mean lady (while hiding the smelly deliciousness) and meant it. Haha! 3 more days of this bad/good breakfast treat. Yahooooo!

(Not actual bagel. To take a picture of the real one
I would have to do it in the bathroom and that would be gross)

Now, go get you some. 

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  1. There is a reason why North American is obese....bad shit tastes good!

  2. Suzanne, I tried to have a breakfast sandwich there once and it did not have a happy ending. My toasted bagel with cream cheese was had a ultra thin layer of cream cheese on it. Spread like a think layer of butter! So unsatisfying. Anyway, love your blog! (May)

  3. Ahhhh, what?! She skimmed on the cream cheese! Maybe she thought it was butter! Well, there will be new management in a month, maybe she will be a little more heavy handed:) Don't give up! Hehe! So glad to see you on here May!


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